It is official, I am no longer an NQT!

I can safely say that I have learnt more about myself in the past 10 months than ever before. I never knew how strong, determined and passionate I could be about something. I’m not for one second going to pretend it has been easy, because at times it has been far from it, but it has been one of the most wonderful, rewarding experiences so far.

And without stating the obvious, here are just a few things I have learnt along the way…

  1. That it is OK not to have all the answers, yet.


  1. That every day will be different and special.


  1. That not everything will go to plan and that is ok.


  1. To take every opportunity – even when it is a massive step outside your comfort zone.


5. And finally – that by the end of the year (or October half term) you may be exhausted, feel like you’ve aged 50 years and have no social life but there isn’t a single job you would rather have.


Now, time to enjoy a well-earned break and recharge ready for round 2, where I am apparently meant to know what I am doing?!?


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