Tips When Blogging in the Classroom

Blogging is becoming more widely used in all sorts of industries now; beauty, sport and now education. Over the past few months it has become increasingly more apparent to me, that blogging and the use of twitter in the classroom is increasingly popular. The way that I have seen it used is that every so often a child is given an opportunity to express their ideas or thoughts on what they have learnt, or discovered recently in their post. But is this the most effective way to ensure that it remains ongoing?

I was recently presented with the question, is blogging in the classroom beneficial to a child’s learning?
After throughly researching this topic my answer would be yes, providing it is used in an appropriate way and that there is a system such as quad blogging put into place, where it is ensured that all children will get some response so they can feel like they are writing for a purpose and also see what others think of what they have found out.

There are some key things to remember when blogging to ensure it is used effectively and appropriately.

1. Children don’t share personal details
2. The writing must be relevant to work they have done in the classroom to ensure content is appropriate
3. Proof reading should be done to make sure that content makes sense however it is not important that any inaccuracies that are made are corrected or removed as comments could bring in feedback for that child to work on
4. Make sure the audience is correct – other schools, teachers
5. Have a system put in place where comments are monitored by the classroom teacher to ensure all comments are appropriate and not going to dishearten the students
6. Finally, in my opinion the most important – keep the blog going and perhaps set a day of the week in which the blog should be posted day, have ‘monitors’ put in place to ensure that it is kept up to date but this responsibility is swapped around every 2 weeks or so.


3 thoughts on “Tips When Blogging in the Classroom

  1. Reblogged this on hannahquinn2013 and commented:
    This highlights the need to use more ICT and start blogging in the classroom. The practical tips which are given are very useful for me, as a learning teacher, to know how to teach children how to actually blog. Everything that I have been learning about blogging in my Computers, Creativity and Children class is now starting to make sense and come together after reading this post.

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